EP 4: You don’t have to be an expert to be helpful

April 5, 2018

Afraid to share what you know with the world out of fear you're not qualified?

"Well, I'm no expert!"

"Who would want to listen to me?"

There's a myth in the world that only experts are worth listening too. Not true. You have something important to teach but your lack of confidence stands in the way of sharing it.

In this episode, I share a tip for breaking through that confidence block and bringing your wisdom to the world.

NOTE: This recording originally aired as a LIVE Facebook video.


EP 3: Cleaning House Emotionally

April 5, 2018

Louise Hay once said, "If you want to clean your kitchen, you have to look at the dirt."

A prerequisite to being authentically happy is working through the negative emotions that keep it at bay. Happiness isn't a fake it till you make it proposition.

Listen and chime in on this discussion.

NOTE: This recording originally aired as a LIVE Facebook video.


EP 2: An Easter lesson on personal transformation

April 1, 2018

When is the last time you died so you could be reborn? We'll get into that in a second. For Christians, the Easter Holiday is the most important as it depicts the ultimate promise of Christianity.

As a Buddhist, I honor the lessons of this tradition and share some ideas for how I make use of this tradition in my own life.

Reaching your personal potential often requires you to let go of who you believe yourself to be, allow those ideas to die so you can step into who you truly are. An acorn must break free in order to become the oak tree it can be.

Listen to this episode as I expand upon this lesson. Happy Easter.


EP 1: Learn to love life’s crap

March 24, 2018

I've done a lot of reflection recently about the direction of my life and I had a HUGE epiphany I'd like to share with you.

It stemmed from the reminder that when you're born into this life, you're immediately signed up for growth. Like it or not, you will be asked to grow in some way.

Your approach to that growth will make or break you. Listen to this episode as I explore the topic more deeply.

Remember to comment and tell me how this episode was helpful for you.